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Simply put, nutrition information is woefully inadequate, and what is available is confusing, conflicting and complex. Wisecode is dedicated to providing the essential nutrition information the world needs to improve performance, longevity and health. We develop the tools that let people take control. Harnessing the full power of AI, we provide the most complete, accurate and actionable food and nutrition data in the world.

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The power of nutrition


All foods and their nutrients play an essential role in fueling and healing our bodies. Understanding what each nutrient provides and how they work together helps our bodies perform at their best.



Studies definitively show that the foods and drinks we consume have a direct effect on our life spans. Understanding the nutrition in those foods and drinks allows us to make wiser choices that can lead to greater health and longer lives.



Poor diet is is not only the leading cause of mortality, but of morbidity, worldwide. The burden of malnutrition has enormous health, economic and environmental implications. The ability to better understand the food and drink we consume can have a significant impact on improving health outcomes worldwide.

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