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Meet the team

andrew circle.png

Andrew Kletzing

Chief Executive Officer

matt circle.png

Dr. Matt Maxwell

Distinguised Mathematician

Senior Data Analyst

Will 2.png

Will Belton

Manager Data Acquisition

Lindsey circle.png

Lindsey Kane

Director Strategic Nutrition Partnerships

Dave K2.png

David Krzenski

Software Developer and UI engineer

Shavawn circle.png

Dr. Shavawn Forrester

Consultant and Executive Director - Nutrient Institute

richard circle.png

Dr. Richard Black

Chief Scientific Officer

Ryan Circle.png

Ryan Lupton

VP Strategy Operations and Growth

Kevin 2 pic.png

Kevin Lai Kee

Director Solution Delivery

Ian 2.png

Ian Wotkun

Senior Front End Developer

Shazia pic.png

Shazia Sathar

Business Solution and Data Science Architect

Jess circle3.png

Jess McKean

Chief Product Officer

Marty pic.png

Marty Jablonski

VP Business, Product and Development


Jackson Henniger

Financial Controller

Addison 2.png

Addison Narter-Slezak

Senior Software Engineer


Nicholas Bocchini

Software Engineer

Brian 2.png

Brian McDermott

Chief Brand Officer

Mike 2.png

Michael Schmitt

Product Manager Food and Ingredient

Arthur circle.png

Arthur Gross

Director Strategic Partnerships

Kitty placeholder.png

Katie Gaster

Senior Software Engineer and Data Architect


Avinash Mallya

Engineer and Data scientist

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